Proactive dry needling for just $20 per visit

Hip Dry Needling is for anyone who wants to make dry needling a regular part of their leg maintenance or leg performance routine without spending hundreds of dollars per month on visits or settling for only one appointment per month.

Routine Care Made Simple

Hip, knee, or back issues during sports, work, and exercise are at best annoying, and at worst prevent you from doing the activities you love.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers for these types of issues. But we can take steps to manage them, such as paying attention to our loads, progressions, and movement patterns and using therapies we find helpful.

In my experience, dry needling is great addition. But, dry needling is traditionally only sought when there is pain or an injury. These types of treatments, understandably, require time with the provider and a high fee for professional services.

But what about preventive, maintenance, or performance care? These appointments only require a few minutes and the cost savings should be passed on to you.

A Fresh Approach

We use a simple self-pay model and keep a narrow focus on routine therapy. This means shorter, to-the-point appointments, lower costs for you, and no insurance hassles and limitations.

Simple Setup

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I love sports and active living. But, I deal with varying degrees of soreness and pain in the front of my knees and I have a right hip issue that can bother me during squatting, sprinting, and jumping. Of course exercise is vitally important to manage these issues. In my experience, dry needling pairs really well with exercise and provides a benefit that is hard to achieve with exercise alone.

I don’t have an intervention mindset where I seek out help when something hurts. Instead, I’ve often yearned for a simple and affordable way to make dry needling a regular part of my leg training/leg maintenance routine. 

My goal with Hip Dry Needling is to provide this preventive and maintenance needling for the hip, knees, and back for a low, flat fee. Click here to learn more about my work.